Hot Shotz Quick Silver, 250 ml

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Tooniv maskvärv

Tooniv maskvärv, mis intensiivistab ja annab sära värvitud ja värvimata juustele. Sobib suurepäraselt kõikide juustevärvide värskendamiseks. Tulemus saavutatakse vaid 3 minutiga.


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Revlon Professional Nutri Color Crème 6.00 tooniv mask  250ml
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O'REVLE SILK No1, Pehmendav Mask, kuivadele juustele, 1000ml

Mask OREVLE SILK sisaldab siidi aminohapped, mis taastavad juukseid, muudavad neid siledaks ja aitavad säilitada elastsust.

Parimate tulemuste saavutamiseks on soovitatav kasutada terve O'REVLE SILK seeriat: shampoon, palsam ja mask.

Mask on soovitatav kuivadele, raskesti kammitavatele juustele.

Maht: 1000 ml


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PROFIS ESSENTIAL SALON CERAMID MASK Tugevdav mask keramiididega, kahjustatud juustele, 1000ml

Tugevdav ja taastav mask keramiididega , kõikidele juuksetüüpidele, eriti sobib kahjustatud juustele.

Siidiproteiinide ja keramiidide niisutav ja taastav toime muudab juuksed ilusamaks, siledamaks ja elastsemaks.

Maht: 1000 ml



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PROFIS ESSENTIAL SALON COCO REVOLUTION MASK Toitev mask kookospiimaga, kõikidele juuksetüüpidele, 1000ml

Toitev mask, mis sobib kõikidele juuksetüüpidele.

Mask on rikastatud kookospiimaga, mis aitab taastada, niisutada ja kaitsta juukseid.

Mask sisaldab hooldavad koostiosad, mis muudavad juuksed ilusamaks, siledamaks ja elastsemaks.

Maht: 1000 ml


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Lecher Letox Hair Elixir BOTOX ravi juustele 4x50ml

Lecher Letox Hair Elixir is a professional treatment  for dry, damaged and brittle hair, which needs intensive regeneration and hydration.

Product is suitable for home use.

Lecher Professional Hair Letox components deeply penetrate into hair structure, intensively regenerate and rebuild hair. 

As a result, the hair becomes moisturised, shiny and elastic and hair surface is sealed.

In addition, the treatment provides protection against free radicals and increases the resistance to UV radiation.

 Carefully selected  active ingredients in Letox cosmetics, rebuild and nourish the hair structure.

-Keratin - as a basic hair building ingredient, deeply penetrate the hair structure, rebuild  hair structure and protects the hair from the harmful effects of external factors.

-Precious, unsaturated fatty acids from pistachio oil  - oleic, linoleic and linolenic acids give the hair optimum hydration, radiance and healthy, shiny look.

-Bamboo extract - contains silicon and minerals witch strengthen the hair fiber. High amount of flavonoids protect the scalp and hair from the damaging effects of free radicals.

-Innovative complex of ceramides and polyunsaturated fatty acids, including ceramides type 1, 3 and 6 and phytophosphinates - supplements deficiency of ceramides in intercellular compartments of the hair making it more moisturised, flexible and resilient. 

 -UV resistance protects against excessive protein degradation during hair treatments such as washing or dyeing.

Important! The product may crystallize when stored below 15 degrees. In such case immerse the vial in hot water for a few minutes until the contents turns into transparent liquid. 


1. Wash your hair with Letox Shampoo

2. Prepare Hair Letox Elixir . Mix 30ml of water with 10ml of Letox Elixir. Mix until creamy consistency is obtained. In case of short hair it is enough to mix 5 ml of Letox elixir with 15 ml of water.

3. Divide hair into 4 sections. Apply the product using brush to hair bands approx. 3cm. thick. Leave for 15 minutes After this time rinse with lukewarm water. Blow dry the hair using hair brush. 

4. Use hair straightener set at approx. 180 degree. In case of curly or wavy hair do not use hair straightener. Instead, please use a hair dryer with diffuser.


Capacity: 4 x 50ml

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