Hot Shotz True copper, 200 ml

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Toning mask

A toning mask that intensifies the tone and shine on colored and unpainted hair. Ideal for refreshing all hair colors. The result is achieved in just 3 minutes.

Līdzīgās preces
Šampūns satur placentas ekstraktu , kas pazīstams ar savu barojošo un nostiprinošs rīcību .
Placenta ekstrakts palīdz aizsargāt matus no ārējās vides un novērš matu izkrišanu .
Šampūns bagāts ar aminoskābēm . Placentu ekstrakts uzlabo mitruma līdzsvaru un elastību skalpa.
Zīda proteīni padara matus mīkstus un dod viņiem veselīgu izskatu .
Piemērots visiem matu tipiem, īpaši sausiem.
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Atjaunojoša matu maska bojātiem matiem.


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Mask OREVLE SILK contains silk amino acids, which restore the hair from the inside. Special conditioning components take care for hair to be soft and silky.

We recommend to use whole OREVLE SILK line to achieve better results: shampoo together with a mask or conditioner, so your hair will be perfectly smooth and restored and it also has anti-static effect.

You will get the effect of restored, healthy and perfectly combed hair.



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Mask OREVLE MAGIC REPAIR restores damaged hair, supplementing the natural lipid layer. It contains Argan oil and Macadamia oil, which penetrate deep into the hair, providing an sufficient level of hydration for a long time.

Mask MAGIC REPAIR prevents the splitting of hair structure and excessive loss of moisture.



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A restorative formula of OREVLE SOFT INTENSE mask with a complex action contains biometric keratin, a cotton extract, macadamia oil, panthenol and keratin. Biometric keratin and amino acids from cotton seeds fill the cracks in its structure, and restore it and create a protective layer. Keratin smooths the surface of the hair, increases its volume and has conditioning properties.

Macadamia oil and panthenol moisturize hair, give them shine and enhance the effect of softness and smoothness.



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