Barojoša matu maska Imperity J'Adore Gourmet Hair Mask 250ml

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Atjaunojoša matu maska bojātiem matiem.


Līdzīgās preces
Efektīva veselības aizsardzība un krāsu matus no UV stariem
Aizsargā pret bojājumiem , ko izraisa saules gaismas iedarbības absorbē UV -A , UV - B stari ,
samazinātu to iekļūšanu matos . Tas aizsargā matus no iekšpuses
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Conditioner contains amino acids, which restore the hair from the inside. Special conditioning components take care for hair to be soft and silky.

We recommend to use whole OREVLE SILK line to achieve better results: shampoo together with a mask or conditioner, so your hair will be perfectly smooth and restored and it also has anti-static effect.

You will get the effect of restored, healthy and perfectly combed hair.



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Intensively regenerating shampoo with silk for all hair types. Proteins of silk and panthenol perfectly moisturize the hair. Thanks to this, the hair becomes more beautiful, smoother and more elastic.

Suitable for frequent use.



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A moisturising, nourishing mask designed for comprehensive care of dry and weakened hair. 

Moisturizes dry and matted hair, gives shine, smooths and prevents static.

Contains 9 fruit extracts rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish the hair structure and add vitality.

In addition, aloe vera juice and panthenol soften the hair and take care of its appropriate hydration.

The gair becomes soft, flexible and easy to comb.



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