WorkSafe vinyl exam gloves, powder free, 100 pcs, M size

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Vinyl exam gloves, powder free , 100 pieces

Latex free


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Vinila cimdi bez lateksa, caurspīdīgi, gludi.

Non- sterils .
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  • Lighter and more flexible than conventional foil
  • Cuts preparation time in half
  • Simple to use
  • 250 sheets per package
These easy to use wraps are more flexible and lighter than traditional foil wraps and provide optimum results. Prep time is literally cut in half and color comes out looking flawless and in less time.
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Halkra neckpaper 

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BraveHead alumiiniumfoolium,

Widht 12 cm,

Lenght 50 m

Thickness 15 micron

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If you’re after a mask that you can use multiple times and just keep washing, then our Washable Masks are ideal. Masks are made from a comfortable polyurethane material and have a built in breathing valve and a duel layer filter system for ventilation.
These masks are one size and have stretch ear loops to easily fit all face shapes. Masks can be hand or machine washed repeatedly, without losing their shape. Simply air dry and you’re ready to hit the salon.
Masks are CE and FDA certified.

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