ANDIS MVP clipper

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  • Powerful heavy duty 2 speed detachable blade clipper
  • 2 speeds for styling versatility
  • Powerful rotary motor cuts wet or dry hair
  • Ergonomic shape is lighter and easier to hold
  • Oil blade before every use.
Līdzīgās preces

Profesionāla matu griežamā mašīnīte ar akumulatoru/strāvas kabeli. 

Ļoti viegls, ergonomisks modelis.

  • Regulējams asmens (0.5mm, 1.2mm, 1.9mm, 2.5mm)
  • Akumulators Ni-Mh (uzlādes laiks 1.5h, darbības laiks 60min)
  • 5 veidi matu griešanas augstumiem (4-6mm, 10-12mm, 16-18mm, 22-24mm, 28-30mm)
  • Digitāls akumulatora uzlādes rādītājs
  • Turētājs uzlādēšanai
  • Iespēja izslēgt/ieslēgt
  • Aizsardzības asmens
  • Vāks, tīrīšanas suka, eļļa

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-          LIGHTWEIGHT: 25% lighter than the corded usPRO Clipper

-          Lithium-Ion powered battery for robust and long-lasting power.

-          Features up to 2 hours of run time and charges in 90 minutes or less.

-          Weighs less than 10 oz., perfect for all day, ergonomic use that won't weigh you down.

-          Cord/Cordless operation for reliable power to last you all day long.

-          High-speed adjustable blade (000 to 1).

-          Can be zero-gapped.

Motor Type: Rotary

Strokes per Minute: 5500 spm

Volts: 100-240V

Frequency: 50-60 Hz

Weight: 277 grams


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Andis clipper oil


High quality oil for lubrication of cutting machines. Also suitable for scissors.


Size: 118 ml

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Andis Master Cordless lithium-ion clipper


• Lithium-ion battery delivers over 90 minutes of nonstop run time; charges in just 1 hour
• Extremely powerful, high-speed rotary motor with blade speeds over 7,200 SPM, featuring constant speed technology; won't drag or stall
• Unbreakable, lightweight aluminum housing for years of dependable use
• Iconic, carbon-steel blade is adjustable from fine to coarse (#000 to #1)
• Cord/Cordless operation features an LED light to indicate battery power levels
• Includes premium charging stand

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Andis Cordless combo (clipper+shaver)

Andis's Cordless Combo brings together their popular Cordless USPRO with their top-selling Profoil TS-2 at a wallet-pleasing 10% discount to the price of buying each separately. Both are powered by lithium batteries for fast charge-up and long cutting times and both can also be used on their cords if you run out of charge mid-cut.

The Andis Cordless USPRO has a high quality, carbon steel blade for smooth cuts and effortless gliding. It can be adjusted via the taper lever between 000 and 1 (0.5–2.4 mm) and comes with 9 attachment combs (#0–#8, 1.5–25 mm) for even greater versatility. It takes just 90 mins to charge and runs for up to 2 hours.

Alongside it, the Andis Profoil Lithium Plus Shaver gives you fantastic fade finishing and stubble removal for ultra-close smoothness. Its hypoallergenic, gold-titanium foil head offers excellent comfort and you'll get 80 mins of run time from a single charge. The Profoil's soft-grip body is comfortable to hold and its light weight (130 g) means it won't tire out your hand.

As well as the clipper, shaver and their leads, in the box you get all the USPRO's attachment combs, a premium charging stand for the Profoil, cleaning brush and oil, and a bonus soft storage case and hair grip accessory.


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