Cool Blonde shampoo, 275 ml

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Cool Blonde MODE shampoo 275 ml



Restore the brightness of blonde, grey or white hair with this sulphate-free toning shampoo. Gently removes impurities while violet colour pigments neutralize unwanted yellow tones in natural, lightened, or sun-bleached hair and protect against brassines. Adds a hint of silver to enhance white or greying hair. Contains UV filter.


Dampen hair with water and lightly towel dry.  Apply shampoo and massage gently into a creamy lather. Rinse thoroughly. For more intense result, leave for up to 5 minutes depending on porosity of hair. Gloves recommended. Use up to 2-3 times per week.



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Šampūns un balzams satur placentas ekstraktu , kas pazīstams ar savu barojošo un nostiprinošo efektu , kas aizsargā matus no kaitīgās ietekmes uz vidi un tajā pašā laikā palēnina matu izkrišanu . Bagāts ar aminoskābēm . Placenta ekstrakts atjauno mitruma līdzsvaru un elastību skalpa. Zīda proteīni padara matus mīkstāka un piešķir tiem veselīgu izskatu . Piemērots visiem matu tipiem, īpaši sausiem matiem un pagātnes ārstēšanu . Lai pilnībā nostiprināt matus ieteicams izmantot visus produktus sēriju « Placent - Activ »

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Bioceana is a unique formula with an extracts of pearls, corals, algae and caviar. The formula with a high content of minerals and protein penetrates deep into the hair, nourishes, moisturizes and smooths, gives shine and radiance from the roots to the tips. The synergistic effect of biotin, zinc and burdock extract provides regeneration and restores normal functioning of the scalp, reducing excessive sebum secretion. Shampoo also contains selected conditioning components that give hair softness and make it easier to comb.



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Moisturizing shampoo for dry and weakened hair. 

Shampoo cleanses and restores proper moisture to your hair at the same time.

It contains 9 rich in vitamins and minerals fruit extracts (mandarin, melon, avocado, coconut, peach, apple, papaya, apricot and pear), which nourish the structure of the hair and gives it vitality.

In addition, aloe juice and panthenol soften hair and care for their proper hydration.



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