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ItalWax paraffin, olive, 500ml

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Paraffin Italwax is:

• Highly purified delicate paraffin

• Excellent combination of natural oils and vegetable components

• Wide assortment

• Comfortable in use

• Pleasant flavours

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Sejas maska ar gliemežu ekstraktu un EGF

Gliemežu ekstrakts satur dabīgos komponentus, kuri uzlabo ādas stāvokli atjaunojot ādu. EGF - epidermas augšanas faktors, kurš  palīdz bojātu šūnu atjaunošanā un veidošanā.

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OUD FLEX - special type of wax, created for depilating thick and strong hairs. It has sensual Arabic aroma. 
Removes even very coarse, short and dark hairs. 
Aromatic composition, based on the Oud tree resin essence, exercises strong relaxing effect, relieves the stress. 
 OUD wax is used for hair removal during the SPA and aroma therapy. 
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Medium density paste. Created for work in warm premises, used for depilation of high temperature and high wetness skin areas.

Sugar Paste is a new, absolutely hypoallergenic product created in accordance with the traditional recipe “nothing extra”: only edible sugars and corn starch. It does not contain citric acid – main ingredient causing the allergic reaction. The paste has a unique consistency, very plastic and soft but at the same time does not melt or spread which provides for convenient working process.

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Orchid Emulsion with Decelerine R Complex slows down hair growth while in the active stage. Over time hair becomes thinner and weaker reducing the need for shaving and waxing. Also contains Allantoin, fruit acids, Aloe Vera and glycerin to reduce the appearance of razor bumps and redness due to shaving and waxing while providing instant cooling and soothing to the skin.

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