ItalWax Solo Depilatory strips, Bikini Aloe Vera (12 pcs)

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Solo Depilatory strips are an ideal method of removing unwanted hair.
A unique formula with high concentration of moisturizing extracts guarantees you perfectly smooth skin for up to 4 weeks. 

Ideal for short and coarse hair.

12 strips + 2 cleansing and moisturizing wipes 

ALOE VERA FOR NORMAL AND DRY SKIN: Aloe Vera extract has moisturizing effect on the skin, makes it smooth and beautiful. 


Rub the waxing strip between your hands until the wax becomes soft.
For depilation of small skin areas, cut the necessary part of the strip. Carefully split the strip into two parts.
Press the strip firmly to the depilation zone and rub it with your hand several times in the direction of hair growth.
Holding the skin taut with one hand, grab the end of the strip with the other hand, in an abrupt movement remove the strip in the direction opposite to direction of hair growth. CAUTION! Remove the strip parallel to the skin surface!
Repeat the procedure, if necessary. CAUTION! It is not recommended to use a depilatory strip more than two times in a row on the same area.
After the procedure, treat the skin with a cleansing and moisturizing wipe.
If you run out of cleansing wipes, use baby oil to remove wax residue. Do not use water, soap or products that contain alcohol.

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