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Apaļa ķemme ar dabīgiem sariem Hercules Sägemann Ø 20mm

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Apaļa suka no waxed dižskābardis ar dabīgiem sariem un neilona adatas.

Tā dod apjomu pie saknēm , piemēram, ilgviļņiem un matu taisnošanas .

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OLIVIA GARDEN Nano Thermic Ceramic+Ion Shaper Ø 20MM

OLIVIA GARDEN Nano Thermic Ceramic+Ion Shaper Ø 30MM

OLIVIA GARDEN Nano Thermic Ceramic+Ion Shaper Ø 40MM

OLIVIA GARDEN Nano Thermic Ceramic+Ion Shaper Ø 50MM


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 Heat-certified copper-ceramic round brush Ø 62mm

These extreme heat-certified brushes with copper-ceramic technology for ultra-fast styling feature exclusive Nylgard bristles for unmatched heat resistance up to 290°C.

-Exclusive NYLGARD heat resistant bristles.

-New generation copper ceramic, conducts and retains heat better.

-Polycarbonate reinforced body means a stronger and lighter brush.

-Vented cap design prevents excessive heat accumulation.

-Tourmaline ions add shine to hair, making hair easier to style.

-Unique vented barrel design maximizes airflow for faster drying of the hair.

-Create longer-lasting fashionable hairstyles with ease.

-Eliminates frizziness and helps smooth the hair.

-Ergonomic, non-slip handle and retractable sectioning pick.

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The natural renewable bamboo material makes ecohair thermal to a lightweight, comfortable and durable professional round brush.

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