Refectocil Lash&brow bar

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Handy & small station. It has an integrated handle that allows carrying it from working station to working station.

It includes

  • all 8 RefectoCil colours
  • Blonde Brow
  • the lash-strengthening, oil-free Micellar Eye Make-up Remover and all other accessories necessary for tinting
  • with integrated holders for RefectoCil tints and tinting tools
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RefectoCil Sensitive ir piemērots klientiem ar jutīgu ādu
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Refectocil Browista Palette

Browista ring for FREE!

Slide the Browista Palette on the back of your hand or the Browista  Ring on your finger and start tinting – hands-free! In 2 compartments eyelash & eyebrow tint or Blonde Brow can be mixed simultaneously, the practical marking shows the ideal mixing ratio.

  • Suitable for right and left handers
  • Sturdy and resistant to chemicals
  • Easy to clean.

Tip: the colour doesn't drip, even if you turn the Palette or the Ring upside down.

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Refectocil Browista toolkit

The 2 brushes meet the needs of brow & lash experts: the  innovative rubber spoolie allows brushing through brows and lashes before, between or after an application. The broad brush is ideal for covering the lashes with tint, the smaller one for precise work on brows. 2 application dishes and a practical bag for long-term storage are also part of the Browista Toolkit.

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