Krāsa uzacīm un skropstām RefectoCil Sensitive tumši brūna

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Krāsa uzacīm un skropstām RefectoCil Sensitive - Jutīgām alerģiskām acīm

ar augu ekstraktiem
Ideal krāsa uzacīm un skropstām tikai 3-5 minūšu laikā
RefectoCil Sensitive ir piemērots klientiem ar jutīgu ādu
Pārbaudītas ar dermatologu un oftalmologs



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RefectoCil Longlash gēls garām skropstām  7ml
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Komplekts skropstu ilgviļņiem , paredzēts 18x

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Krāsa uzacīm un skropstām RefectoCil Sensitive - Jutīgām un alerģiskām acīm

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7,92 € (47%)
15,00 €
Care, protect and style gel for tinted lashes and brows.

The unique colour protect formula shields the lashes and brows so they appear freshly tinted for a longer time.

D-Panthenol binds moisture and provides shine. In addition, unruly hair is fixed in the desired position.

Ideal for finishing a lash or brow styling treatment in salon using disposable mascara wand/brush. Or for clients to use at home.

Application: Apply to lashes and brows daily.


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Refectocil Browista toolkit

The 2 brushes meet the needs of brow & lash experts: the  innovative rubber spoolie allows brushing through brows and lashes before, between or after an application. The broad brush is ideal for covering the lashes with tint, the smaller one for precise work on brows. 2 application dishes and a practical bag for long-term storage are also part of the Browista Toolkit.

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