Tonējoša krāsa Colour Dynamics Azure Blue, 150 ml

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Tonējoša ( tonēšana ) matu krāsa ,lai izveidotu radošu, spilgtu un pasteļtoni uz iepriekš balinātiem matiem ,
tonizējoša , krāsu korekcija , krāsu restaurācijas.


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Bioceana is a unique formula with an extracts of pearls, corals, algae and caviar. The formula with a high content of minerals and protein penetrates deep into the hair, nourishes, moisturizes and smooths, gives shine and radiance from the roots to the tips. The synergistic effect of biotin, zinc and burdock extract provides regeneration and restores normal functioning of the scalp, reducing excessive sebum secretion. Conditioner also contains selected conditioning components that give hair softness and make it easier to comb.



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Couture Silk Rouge colour contains the unique ‘SILK RENEWAL COMPLEX’ allowing
simultaneous lift and deposit.

This collection of 5 vibrant colours (Copper, Red Copper, Red Violet, Red and Magenta),
create intense bright fashion effects in a single step.

Built-in lift negates the use for
high developer strengths, ultimately maintaining hair condition.

-UV Filter
-Bees Wax
-Silk Amino Acids
-Pearl Extract
-Rice & Milk Proteins
-Green Tea


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A unique nutrient that adds vitality and softness to your hair. In addition, it counteracts static electricity, softens and smoothes.

Thanks to specially selected ingredients, it moisturizes and protects hair from adverse external factors. It makes combing great. Thanks to her hair becomes healthy, soft and shiny.



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Cool Blonde MODE shampoo 275 ml


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Cool Blonde "Illuminator" mask, 500 ml

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